Matt Vergotis  is a phenomenal Australian letterer & typographer, and friend. He recently started a little awareness campaign on Instagram, for a fellow Aussie girl in need. He invited a few letterers to kick things off and post lettering in support, using the hashtag #helpsaveelke.

This was my contribution. 

A Matter Of Believing

This was lettering for a music single, something I have always wanted to do. The opportunity came from a pair of jazz musicians in Brazil. They allowed me free reign, so I experimented with a bunch of styles and pens, to capture something that would suit the 80's inspired track. I ended up with some great variations to narrow down. 



Epic Fly Rods

I recently had the opportunity to work with the good people over at Swift Fly Fishing. They are an awesome brand based in New Zealand who build premium custom fly rods. I was commissioned to letter three shirt designs for their Epic Fly Rods brand.

Had loads of fun crafting something which captures the brands essence. Especially since I love the outdoors, I wanted to do the brand justice. You can find some of the process below. 

Vector Points

Most letterers are always looking to improve on point placement, its definitely a skill that needs a lot of attention. You can easily spend an hour on one letter, refining it over and over.

With this piece there was a lot of that. Tried out a few different methods with vector handles to get the letterforms the way I wanted, I think it depends on the lines you are looking to capture. Almost all of these handles are locked to 45 or 90 degree angles, it helps a lot with consistency throughout.