When it comes to lettering, this is just my opinion, but you are probably doing yourself a disfavour sticking to one avenue. Don't get me wrong, if you can pull off one style really well, then by all means continue. But if you are like me, constantly inspired by the great lettering and typography out there, it seems a shame to not explore other territories.

For me, there are two separate lettering sides which I enjoy switching between for both projects and daily practices. One being raw and unrefined, the other clean and precise. Having this variety in my toolbox keeps me fresh and challenged in any lettering I take on.

As humans who seek approval, the minute we find something that works we hold on to it in the fear that doing something different might not be as well received. But, as humans we are complex and sometimes one thing does not satisfy us. Instead of allowing this to fragment us, our need to explore other areas can keep us whole.